Helping Our Eyes When We’re Screen Intensive — Downtown Magazine

  • Look away from your screen every 20 minutes
  • Focus on something that’s roughly 20 feet away (or just anything far away out the window)
  • Look at an object or the general view in that distance for 20 seconds

Blink More

It may sound like a silly thing to suggest, after all, we will naturally blink throughout the day, but those of us looking at a bright screen will get in a bad habit of not blinking as much as we should. Your eyes should be blinking every 10 to 20 seconds and looking at screens can subtly change that rhythm.

Getting light blocking glasses without a prescription

A large part of eye strain comes from digital light exposure. While some sites may imply that blue light exposure is damaging to the eye (the research is still relatively new), reducing blue light exposure can help avoid that feeling of tired eyes later in the day.

Let your laptop figure it out

Imagine that your laptop could figure out exactly how bright it was wherever you are in the world, and adjust your screen brightness accordingly?



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